Automated testing for TYPO3 extensions with PHPUnit

Trainer: Oliver Klee
Product information "Automated testing for TYPO3 extensions with PHPUnit"
You have written a TYPO3 extension, and it works quite well. Now your customer asks about whether you are doing "unit testing", and they have heard that this will greatly improve the quality and reliability of code. A workshop to the rescue! 
In this workshop, you will learn how to write and run unit and functional tests for your extensions, and which parts of the code should be tested which way. 
 You can either bring your own extension or work on our example extension during the workshop. 
 The most important topics of this workshop:
  • how to get started with testing 
  • different kinds of tests, and when to use them
  • how to test models, repositories, controllers, commands and services - test patterns 


Day 1, morning:

  • arrival, welcome, warmup
  • overview over the most important concepts and terms 
  • hands-on (part 1) 

Day 1, afternoon

  • hands-on (part 2)
  • day wrap-up and feedback 

Day 1, evening 

  • board games (optional) 

Day 2, morning 

  • warmup - hands-on (part 3) 

Day 2, afternoon

  • hands-on (part 4) 
  • how to convince your managers and stakeholders of having automated tests 
  • workshop wrap-up and feedback


  • TYPO3 Extension Development Basics

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Product number: TRAIN.OK.AUTOTEST