Test-driven development with PHPUnit

Trainer: Oliver Klee
Product information "Test-driven development with PHPUnit"

Test-driven development (TDD) is a programming strategy where you first write some automated tests and then use those to drive the design and implementation of your code. This leads to cleaner and leaner code and (as a side-effect) to an extremely high test coverage, which all help improve the quality of your code.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice TDD and get to know the relevant testing patterns. After the workshop, you will be fluent enough in TDD to use it in your own projects.


Day 0, evening:

  • get-together with a small board gaming round with the game we're going to implement during the workshop (optional)

Day 1, morning

  • arrival, setup check, welcome, warmup
  • What is TDD? How does it work?
  • hands-on TDD with a smaller project
  • testing patterns

Day 1, afternoon

  • implement a board game with TDD (part 1)
  • day wrap-up and feedback

Day 1, evening

  • more board games (optional)

Day 2, morning

  • warmup
  • implement a board game with TDD (part 2)

Day 2, afternoon

  • implement a board game with TDD (part 3)
  • limitations of TDD
  • how to convince your managers and stakeholders of TDD
  • workshop wrap-up and feedback

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